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All information, text and pictures on this website and blog are the sole property of Nutrition by Brittany LLC. Reproduction, distribution and use of any material on this website are strictly prohibited unless you have written consent from Nutrition by Brittany LLC.
The information on this website and blog is for informational purposes only. Information is aimed at the general public and does not replace advice given specifically to you by a physician. Always seek your medical professional for any health advice. The information on this site may contain my own views and opinions but is written with professional evidenced based researched topics. The contents of this website may be out of date and may not reflect the most recent existing evidence although I will try to keep the website content as up to date as possible.


Information provided on special diets on this site does not replace the specific recommendations provided to you from your health care professional, including your doctor or dietitian. You should have specific, tailored instructions specifically for you on following any health or nutritional recommendations. The information on this website is for educational purposes only and may or may not pertain exactly to your specific needs.


Will only work with companies that are in line with the views of Nutrition By Brittany LLC. Any payment or sample will be fully disclosed. Any product reviews will be the voice and opinion of Nutrition By Brittany LLC and will not be influenced by the company.

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