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I Work With The Following In All Age Ranges:

General Nutrition
 Specializing in Kidney Disease


Kidney Stones

Plant Based Nutrition
High Blood Pressure/Hypertension
Heart Health

Woman’s Health, Including Pregnancy and Lactation

Celiac Disease

Services can be provided in-office, in-home or by telehealth. 

Office Location:

80 Garden Center, STE 129

Broomfield, CO 80020

Not in the area, no problem. Telehealth services can be provided from the comfort of your own home through email, video conference or a phone consult. 

Currently accepting Medicare, United Healthcare, Cigna, Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans.


I work with a limited number of clients at a time to make sure I provide 100% to each and every client. Below is a listing of services I offer, contact me to schedule one today!


I work with a limited number of clients at a time to make sure I provide 100% to each and every client. Below is a listing of services I offer, schedule one today!

Individualized Nutrition Session

Do you want a healthier lifestyle but do not know where to begin? I provide realistic advice to help you achieve your goals and sustain a healthy lifestyle for years to come. With proper medical nutrition therapy you will learn how to better manage your health by what goes on your plate.

This session will include a detailed review of your eating habits, lifestyle and medical history. We will establish your goals and set realistic ways on how to reach and maintain them. You will get individualized recommendations to meet your nutritional needs and specific nutrition education and meal ideas to better your health.

60-90 Minute Session


3 Month Package

This is the best deal for individuals serious in taking the next step in following a more nutritious and healthy lifestyle. You will get one-on-one help throughout your journey to achieving your nutrition goals, becoming healthier and living a more nutritious life.


  • Initial Consultation (60 Minutes)

  • Two (30 minute) Follow Ups

  • Unlimited Email Support

  • Individualized 7 Day Meal Plan with Sample Menu

  • Nutrition Counseling and Education

  • Food Journal Review and Recommendations

3 Month Package

Nutrition Follow Up

This session is for existing clients only. Follow up on your nutrition goals and progress. Make sure you are on the right track with reinforcement and nutrition coaching and education. Make adjustments in your nutrition regimen as needed.


  • 45 min Reassessment

  • Check in on goals and progress

  • Update Nutrition Plan

  • Coaching and Education


Grocery Store Nutrition Session

This session is great for a hands on approach to learn about proper nutrition specific to you and your food preferences. It is great for those with kidney disease or high blood pressure as it allows you to feel more comfortable on how to better manage your health.In this session you will learn how to grocery shop like a nutrition pro. You will learn how to read nutrition labels and learn about foods that are best for your health. After this session you will leave with an array of nutrition knowledge that will make grocery shopping a breeze!

Grocery Store Session

Meal Planning

Trying to follow specific nutritional recommendations can be overwhelming. Let us help you by providing you with a day by day meal plan to make it easy to meet your nutritional needs. This will help teach you how to plan what should go on your plate!

Meal plans will be created specifically for you based on your nutritional needs and food preferences. You will receive a 10 day meal plan which will include any specialty recipes.

Meal Plan


Would you like to learn to eat healthier but need a little help in the kitchen? Schedule a cooking session to learn the basics of healthy eating. Feel more comfortable in the kitchen and learn about nutrition along the way. This is an interactive session and the menu will be determined based on your food preferences and nutritional goals.

This session can be focused on following a therapeutic diet, meal planning and organization for the busy lifestyle, cooking healthy on a budget and general nutrition.

Cooking Session 


Let's Work Together


Work with me to create healthy and nutritious recipes for your company and services.


Available for nutrition focused articles for consumer and professional publications.


Available for nutrition related topics


Working with a dietitian can greatly improve your patient outcomes. Many research studies show that nutrition is tied to many conditions and medical nutrition therapy can improve outcomes and delay disease progression. Working closely with your team a dietitian can provide evidence based nutrition services that will provide patients with realistic changes for long lasting outcomes.


If you would like to refer your patients to my services please use the form below.


As a specialist in Renal Nutrition I can help patients manage Chronic Kidney Disease through medical nutrition therapy. With limited time to teach patients in the medical office setting, take advantage of my expertise to better help your patients.

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