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  • Brittany Sparks, RD

Instant Pot Farro & Mushrooms

Instant Pot farro and mushrooms makes for a great main dish meal or it can be used as a hearty side dish. This recipe is full of flavor and could not be any easier to make. With the help of the Instant Pot the farro cooks in only 10 minutes compared to 30 when cooked on the stove top. This recipe is great for when I have nothing planned for dinner as many of the ingredients are in my pantry and does not require a trip to the grocery store.

Stove top directions are also provided in the note section of the recipe in case you do not have an Instant Pot.

Farro is a tasty whole grain that has a slightly chewy texture and nutty flavor. Farro is used regularly in Italian cooking and is often used in soups, stews, atop salads and can even be used like risotto.

Farro is a good source of protein and fiber. A ½ cup cooked serving supplies about 6 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber.

In this recipe I use dried mushrooms. Dried mushrooms help to flavor the cooking liquid and farro by providing a rich and meaty flavor. Dried mushrooms can last for several years if kept in a dry and airtight container. They are a great item to store in your pantry for when you want to add a depth of flavor to soups, stews and grains.

When I lived in New York City my favorite place to go to was Kalustyan’s, which is a specialty food store. The array of spices and unique grains, beans, teas, flours, and other unique cooking items was my ultimate playground. I could spend hours roaming through the aisles in their store. Before I moved last year I stocked up on many essentials like the dried mushrooms pictured above. Thank goodness for internet shopping these days!

The first step in this recipe is to use the sauté function on the Instant Pot to lightly cook the onion and toast the spices. Then you add the rest of the ingredients and pressure cook for 10 minutes. There is no need to soak the mushrooms prior, they tenderize in the pressure cooker.

This dish is a heart healthy and diabetic friendly recipe. It is low in saturated fat and sodium and provides a good amount of plant based protein and fiber.

For those with kidney disease if you are monitoring your potassium be sure to plan your day well as this dish does supply a good amount of potassium, a ½ cup serving provides 268 mg. However, for those with chronic kidney disease with normal potassium levels this recipe is a healthy option for you.

So if you love mushrooms then this is a dish for you to try. The dried mushrooms give this recipe so much flavor and it takes so little time and effort to make.


Instant Pot Farro & Mushrooms

Author: Brittany Sparks

Makes: 8 (1/2 Cup Servings)

Prep Time: 5 min

Cook Time: 15 min

Total Time: 20 min


  • 1 Cup Dry Farro

  • 1 Tbsp Olive Oil

  • ½ Cup Purple Onion, Diced

  • 2 Cups Dried Mushrooms (Shitake)

  • 2 Tsp Garlic Powder

  • 1 Tsp Dried Oregano Leaves

  • ½ Tsp Salt

  • 2 ½ Cups No Added Salt Broth

  • ¼ Cup Parmesan Cheese


  • Fresh Parsley

  • Sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese

  • Pinch of Red Pepper Flakes

Instant Pot Directions:

  1. Place the olive oil, chopped onion, dried mushrooms, garlic powder, oregano, and salt in the Instant Pot. Turn on the sauté function and sauté for 2-3 minutes.

  2. Add in the farro and broth and stir to combine.

  3. Turn the Instant Pot to Pressure Cook High Setting and set the timer to 10 minutes and cook.

  4. Once done use the manual release knob to release the pressure. Then let sit for an additional 5 minutes prior to removing the lid.

  5. Stir in the Parmesan cheese and garnish with chopped parsley, a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and a pinch of red pepper flakes.


  • To make on the Stove Top: Use a pot with a lid and sauté ingredients as directed above. Add the broth and farro cover and cook according to package directions, about 30 minutes. Stir in Parmesan cheese at the end.

  • You can also use 2 cups of fresh chopped mushrooms if you do not have dry available. However, I find the dried mushrooms provide more of a robust flavor in this dish.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size (1/2 Cup):

Calories 125, Total Fat 3.1 g, Monounsaturated Fat 1.5 g, Saturated Fat 0.9 g, Polyunsaturated Fat 0.2 g, Sodium 260 mg, Total Carbohydrate 21 g, Dietary Fiber 2.4 g, Protein 5.6 g, Potassium 268 mg


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